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Maintenance Training & Maintenance Services

Maintenance Training

Like to do it yourself? We get that. Our training programs are designed to provide you with the information you need to diagnose, troubleshoot, repair or just understand what you are paying your repair center to do. Customized to fit your unique needs with a combination of classroom and hands on training our goal remains the same: To help you reduce surprises and understand how your equipment operates. We offer customized training at one of our facilities, in your plant or virtual. Some of the topics include:

  • AC motor principles and maintenance

  • Proper bearing lubrication techniques

  • DC motor principles and maintenance

  • Gearbox maintenance

  • Pump maintenance

  • Introduction to condition monitoring

  • Transformer basics

  • Servo motor principles, testing and components


Our programs can be recorded and provided to you for future refreshers or new staff members.


Caution needs to be used to relieve pressure, if applicable, and avoid contaminating the oil being sampled. American MTS has the experience and expertise to extract the sample and analyze the lab results. We utilize the most reputable laboratories for analysis.

Maintenance Services

Need a little help staying on top on some PM tasks? Maybe need someone to install or work on equipment but spread too thin? American MTS now offers maintenance assistance for those time you just don’t have someone to do the necessary work. We can help with any maintenance tasks but also utilize our many tools and reliability skills to help move you forward. components

Electrical component installation and testing
Bearing lubrication
Large bearing maintenance

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