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Infrared Inspections

Infrared Inspections

Infrared thermography is a key element in an effective reliability program. The technology allows operators to validate normal operations and, more importantly, locate thermal anomalies (abnormal patterns of heat invisible to the eye) which indicate possible faults, defects or inefficiencies within a system or machine asset.

Some examples of where infrared is applied in industrial situations include:

  • Electrical Systems (faulty electrical connections or overloaded circuits)

  • Electric Motors (issues with windings or possible bearing failure)

  • Fluid Systems (line blockages, tank levels or pipe temperatures)

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American MTS has the equipment and certified technicians to interpret the information from an infrared camera and help asset managers and maintenance personnel better maintain systems and equipment.

Inspecting mechanical equipment with infrared thermography covers a wide variety of systems, everything from motors, rotating equipment, steam traps, refractory, and tank levels and more. Most of these inspections de-emphasize taking absolute temperature measurements and instead concentrate on comparing overall thermal patterns to understand the asset’s health.

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