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Gearbox /Gearmotor Repair

Gearbox Repair

Gear Boxes and Gear Motors are important tools for changing speed and torque output from a powered machine such as electric motors. Over time the seals can become worn and brittle. Bearings are immersed in oil and can last a long time but contaminants, leaks and excessive torque or heat can damage the bearings. The gears are also subject to damage over time. A good PM program includes periodic checks for leaks, particles in the oil and oil levels.

At American MTS we know what to look for and how to repair gearboxes in nearly any condition. Some of the brands we repair regularly include:​

⦁    ABB
⦁    Baldor
⦁    Boston
⦁    Brevini
⦁    Dayton
⦁    Dodge
⦁    Falk
⦁    Flender
⦁    Foote Jones

⦁    Gardner Denver
⦁    Konecranes
⦁    Link Belt
⦁    Lufkin

⦁    SEW
⦁    Siemens
⦁    Westinghouse
⦁    Winsmith
⦁    and more!

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