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Pump/Blower Repair 

Pump Repair

When municipalities need repair services they know they can count on American MTS for excellent value and responsive service. We have many years of experience with everything from small grinder pumps to large municipal fresh water and waste water pumps, we have the expertise and experience to service your needs. We service most makes of pumps including Flygt, Wilo, Meyers, Fairbanks Morse, Goulds, Grundfus, Zoeller, ABS, Aurora, Sulzer, Weinreich and more!

American MTS has also engineered a number of upgrades to Aerator/Mixer motors including:

  • Potted leads – the newer motors have rubber boot lead seals which leak over time

  • Silicone caulk sealant - applied between rabbit joints and bearing housings.

  • Stainless steel hardware – this includes lifting lugs and rain shield (if needed)

  • Bearing isolators – specially designed for vertical motor applications.

  • Ceramic shaft coating of bushing wear area – this was found to hold up better than the stainless shaft itself.

  • Sealed Bearings – lubricating these bearings when the motor is out in the pond in impractical. The sealed bearings provide an extra layer of protection if liquid does breach the bearing isolators.

  • Epoxy paint – protects the iron and steel surfaces from corrosion.

Pump repair.png

Vacuum/Blower Repair

American MTS has been servicing vacuum pumps and blowers since 1972. We have extensive experience with:
• Positive Displacement / Rotary Lobe Blowers.
• Helical Screw Blowers
• Centrifugal Blowers
• High Speed Blowers
• Regenerative Blowers

Some of the brands we have repaired recently includes:

  • ABB

  • Ametek

  • Baldor

  • Barry Blower

  • Big Ass Fan

  • Brooks

  • Busch

  • Dargang

  • Elektror

  • ELMO

  • Eurus

  • Fuji

  • Gardner Denve​

  • And many more!

  • Krones

  • Lafert

  • MD Pneumatics

  • Nash

  • Patterson

  • Roots

  • Schmalz

  • Semikron

  • Spencer

  • Twin City

  • VEM

  • Zhangzhou

  • Gast

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