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If you are looking to get help and advice from industry leaders with deep understanding
of rotating equipment service and new product sales, there’s an exciting new solution.
Introducing Knower, a group of electrical apparatus companies that have joined forces
to bring our collective knowledge and experience of the entire power system to you. We
take a methodical, technology driven approach to help our customers increase
equipment reliability and up-time.

American MTS is proud to be a founding member of Knower, a global network of forward-thinking independent companies specializing in electro-mechanical maintenance and repair services. We provide scalable line-to-load solutions utilizing the latest state of the art products and equipment to diagnose, monitor and repair everything on the electrical one-line.

Our company is excited to be a founding member of the Knower team and to bring our
customers access to leading rotating equipment repair facilities and industry experts
from all over the world. Knower will continue to grow our network of industry leaders 
offering you even greater benefits in the years ahead.

To learn more or to get started realizing the benefits of our collaboration, please visit


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