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Eddy Current Brake/Clutch Repair

The eddy-current brake or clutch is a slip device consisting of two rotating elements that are coupled by a magnetic field. The slip and rotor speed are determined by the magnetic field strength. An AC motor drives a constant-speed rotating drum that surrounds a rotor which is coupled to an output shaft. Torque is transmitted from the outer rotating drum to the rotor with an adjustable magnetic field. 

eddy current 1.png

One of the main uses of eddy current breaks is for emergency shut-off purposes in industrial equipment and power tools. When triggered, eddy current brakes can safely bring a high-powered machine to a rapid stop.

Eddy current braking is also used in these types of machine even non-emergency situation, just to stop them from running. Some common applications include amusement park rides and high speed trains.

American MTS has the experience and tools to repair and test Eddy Current clutches and brakes.

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