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Reliable Asset Management System
Monnit Sensor
Treon sensor USA

American MTS has developed a reliability system we call the Reliable Asset Management System or RAMS. What started out as a sensor dashboard has evolved into a comprehensive suite of products and services for implementing a reliability program for companies of all sizes. RAMS is modular in design and can be integrated with plant operating systems such as SAP and Maximo.

For companies just getting started with proactive asset monitoring the RAMS asset management module allows for cataloging all plant assets and creating a plant "brain" that will store knowledge traditionally kept only in the mins of seasoned experts. As these experts retire or leave the company this knowledge leaves with them.

Reliable Asset Management System (RAMS)

The asset management module includes work order creation with pictures and instructions, spare parts monitoring, asset performance/utilization reports, scheduled PM notifications, purchase requisitions/order creation, the ability to add outside vendors for internal maintenance tasks and much more. It is ready to fully integrate with the other modules of RAMS.

The continuous monitoring module utilizes sensors, IOT, data analytics and machine learning to monitor critical metrics twenty four hours per day. When operating parameters fall outside of established thresholds text and/or email notifications are sent. It's like having an employee watching over things and letting the appropriate people know when equipment is not performing as needed.

Asset condition summary screen

The storage system module is used to ensure that spare motors are maintained and ready to install when needed. Shaft rotation and periodic testing reminders are provided to your staff or an outside source.

RAMS systems are installed in a variety of industries including food storage, lumber mills, paper mills, municipalities, brass casting plants, consumer products manufacturing, automotive and many more. Sensors currently installed include temperature, vibration, ultrasonic sound, current, fluid flow, pressure, air flow, level detection, humidity and motion. There are literally thousands of sensor products available and the quantity and data quality continue to evolve. RAMS is not tied to any particular sensor brand allowing for rapid deployment of the latest state of the art sensing products.

Sound too good to be true? Contact us today and let us show you how.

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