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Lifting Magnet Rewinding

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American MTS specializes in the rewind of lifting magnets. The original coil is inspected to verify lead locations, wire gauge, number of turns and dimensions. A wooden form is created to support the coil during winding. The form is attached to the headstock of the winding machine with a backing plate attached. A layer of insulation is wrapped around the form before winding. NEMA copper magnet wire rated at 400 °F is used for the winding. Finished coils are wrapped with Nomex and fiberglass tape for abrasion resistance.

The casting or enclosure is used to test fit and support the coil before it is dipped and baked with a hermetic resin. Finally, the cavity is filled with an insulating epoxy resin. This epoxy bonds the wire insulation and seals out moisture.

In addition to winding to original specs, American MTS can also supply coils for new designs, and with virtually any input and output voltages.

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