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AC Motor Repair


At American MTS we understand how important it is that you receive a quality electric motor repair. When you install a repaired electric motor it needs to operate correctly and last a long time. That’s why we utilize a detailed quality assurance process. It's the reason we have invested more in training and equipment than ever before. We also provide complete information of your electric motor repair including real time on-line status updates, test results, and digital photos.

As our company and our capabilities have grown we continue to provide the exceptional service that our customers have come to expect. Our staff is ready to work all night and through the weekend if that’s what it takes to get you back up and running.  We also stand behind everything we do. Our industry standard one year warranty starts from the day you install the electric motor and not from the date of repair.  This protection provides the same assurance for your spare electric motors that sit in storage before being installed.


Service, quality, know-how, and rapid response – that’s what you deserve with electric motor repairs and that’s why we strive to continually improve and exceed our customers expectations.

EASA's recommended practices for electric motor repairs

EASA's affects of repair and rewinding on the efficiency

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