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Ultrasonic Lubrication

Ultrasonic Lubrication

As part of our commitment to your plant’s reliability, American MTS has invested in technology that allows us to determine when a bearing needs grease and then adds the exact amount needed avoiding over or under greasing. This technique utilizes ultrasonic technology. Ultrasound is the first detectable metric to signal bearing wear and even lubrication needed.

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Taking measurements with an ultrasound device is the best, and easiest way to determine when your bearings require grease. Observing changes in dB’s is the first sign that your bearing requires lubrication. This provides superior performance to time or run time based methods as you only lubricate when needed.

Since most re-greaseable bearings are in closed housings, the only way to know when a bearing is first in need of lubrication is monitoring with an ultrasound device. Over time, bearing grease degrades and friction levels increase which is detectable with ultrasound. Ultrasonic lubrication allows users to carefully monitor a bearing while adding grease.  As grease is added to the bearing the decibel levels will decrease. Once dB levels begin to climb slightly, you know you have reached the optimal level of grease.

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