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Thermal Stripping

The majority of paint and powder coating today is an electrostatic coating process. The coating medium paint or powder has a negative electric charge and the part being coated is charged positively reducing the amount of paint or powder required. Buildup on the hooks used in the process adds resistance to the electrical charge resulting in poor coating quality and wasted medium. 

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Coated paint hangers and hooks can be cleaned chemically using acids or caustic organic chemical solvents however new laws concerning environmental health, hazardous waste disposal, and workplace safety, the use and disposal of these spent solvents have become much more expensive.

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American MTS utilizes Pollution Control's Controlled Pyrolysis® Cleaning Furnaces to eliminate the need for these chemicals and disposal costs. Processing is easy, safe, and virtually pollution-free. Excessive coatings and buildup on hooks, racks, and metal parts are pyrolyzed at temperatures of 700-800°F (vaporized into smoke). The resulting smoke and emissions generated are drawn through a powerful afterburner incinerating the smoke completely. The cleaned hooks and racks come out of the oven ready to be returned to service

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