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On Site Transformer Testing/Repair


Transformers are vital parts of many plants operations. The number of installed oil filled transformers has gone up dramatically with the expansion of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind generators. American MTS has a group of technicians that specialize in on site transformer repairs including:

  • Replacement of pumps, coolers, fans and radiator assemblies

  • Repair leaks and top off oil

  • Cleaning or replacement of bushings

  • Replace gauges, sensing devices

  • Infrared scans

  • Ultrasonic testing for arcing, partial arcing (tracking) and partial discharge (corona)

  • Electrical testing including insulation, winding, current imbalance, turn-to-turn ratio 

  • Load tap changer servicing

  • Oil testing, filling and replacement

  • Yearly maintenance contracts


​The dielectric test measures the ability of the oil to withstand electric stress without failure. The higher the value, the lower the presence of contaminants such as water, dirt, or other conductive particles.

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