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Field Bearing Replacement

Field Bearing Replacement

Often removing a motor to send out to have bearings replaced takes several hours of disconnect and reconnect. American MTS has the expertise to complete this work onsite reducing scheduled or unplanned down time. This is particularly true when the failed bearing is on the opposite drive end of a motor. 

Proper installation and lubrication of a radial ball or roller bearing properly is critical to achieve the full service life of the component. Improper mounting methods that take advantage of shortcuts, such as using a hammer or a torch, will result in premature failure or a potential safety hazard. Pullers and presses designed for that purpose are the best options for three reasons: safety, saving time and minimizing the damage to the shaft and housing during the process. Two- and three-jaw mechanical pullers pull evenly on the outer ring as the threaded post is tightened, which is centered on the end of the shaft.


The shaft and housing will be precision measured to determine if machine work is needed. Our in house machining capabilities allow us to quickly complete this work if needed. Finally, the bearings are lubricated and the motor reassembled.


It is not recommended to reuse a bearing that has been removed from service, but it is recommended that the bearing be examined after removal for cause of failure. American MTS has the expertise and equipment to cut the bearing and determine the root cause of failure.

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