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Storage Programs

Storage Programs

Keeping operations running with minimal downtime means stocking some spare machine parts. In the case of electric motors, attention is required to make sure they are ready to go when needed. An ideal storage location is climate controlled with minimal or no vibration and rodent free. In addition regular maintenance needs to be performed. This helps keep the internal areas properly lubricated and the winding dry.

Shaft Rotation

This should be done at least quarterly to redistribute the bearing grease. American MTS provides free stickers to place on the ends of shafts with a clock face. Once spun a few rotations, the position of the shaft is left 5 hours ahead of where it was. American MTS will gladly help you in setting up your own in house program or provide this service for you complete with emailed reports.

Insulation Testing

Motor manufacturers and EASA recommend periodic insulation testing. This is especially important if motors are stored in conditions above 60% humidity as the insulation will absorb moisture. Winding heaters or trickle heating can also be used if storage area humidity is above 60%.


Offsite Storage Programs

American MTS offers managed spare services at any of our locations or nearby your plant. This service includes : ​

  • Motors fully tested before storage

  • Vibration free warehouse space

  • Climate controlled below 60% humidity

  • Clean, dry rodent free environment

  • Monthly shaft rotation

  • Monthly insulation testing

  • Free delivery between 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • 24/7 after hours delivery available

More information on proper storage practices

Weg Motor


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