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Ultrasonic Air Leak Survey

Ultrasonic Air Leak Survey

In a plant environment, the noise of production equipment can drown out air leak noise. The best way to detect leaks is to use an ultrasonic acoustic detector, which can filter out the high-frequency sound from air leaks. Ultrasonic leak detection is probably the most versatile form of leak detection. Due to its capabilities, it is readily adapted to a variety of leak detection situations. They generally filter out lower frequency background noise allowing leaks to be heard in even the noisiest environments.

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The advantages of ultrasonic leak detection include versatility, speed, ease of use, the ability to perform tests while equipment is running and the find a wide variety of leaks.

Due to the nature of ultrasound, it is directional in transmission. For this reason, the signal is loudest at its source. By generally scanning around a test area, it is possible to very quickly home in on a leak site and pin point its location. For this reason, ultrasonic leak detection is not only fast, it is also very accurate.

Compressed air leak detection using ultrasound

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