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RAMS® Monitor

Reliable Asset Management System
Monnit Sensor
Treon sensor USA

RAMS® continuous monitoring module utilizes sensors, IOT, data analytics and machine learning to monitor critical metrics twenty four hours per day. When operating parameters fall outside of established thresholds text and/or email notifications are sent. It's like having an employee watching over things and letting the appropriate people know when equipment is not performing as needed. Here are some common questions and answers about RAMS®:

  • What brand of sensors do you use?
    The RAMS platform is designed to be sensor agnostic so nearly any sensor on the market. Currently our default is Treon for vibration/temperature, Monnit for most other applications. In some cases, we use a hybrid of Monnit devices connected to sensing devices such as ultrasonic or non contact temperature.
  • What is the yearly ongoing cost per asset?
    The yearly subscription fee is based on the number of sensors used to monitor the asset. Generally speaking, the cost per sensor is $12/month or $144 per year. This includes data storage and cellular data plan.
  • How long do the batteries last?
    Battery life is affected by temperature. For machines that consistently run above 100°F, it is recommended to use a tethered solution where the vibration/temperature sensing element is not in the same housing as the battery. Frequency and size of data packet transmission also affects battery life. Typical life is 2-5 years.
  • Can I replace the battery or do I need to replace the entire sensor?
    Most of the direct mount sensors, including Treon, HID and Optime, are completely sealed to operate in harsh environments some even approved for explosion proof applications. Because of this sealed design, battery replacement is not possible. There are some sensors on the market with replaceable batteries including all Monnit sensors.
  • Who does the system installation?
    American MTS will install, provision and test all hardware working in tandem with your maintenance team.
  • How much training do I get?
    During installation phase, American MTS will provide training on hardware installation and maintenance. After hardware is online, application training will be provided. 30 days following installation, additional training is provided to set alert threshold values and answer any questions.
  • How far from the gateway can the sensors be?
    Typical range for Bluetooth transmission is up to 300 feet direct line of sight. Walls, forklift trucks, racks of products between the sensor and gateway can all impact this. We will try and mount the gateways as high as feasible to eliminate these issues. The Monnit system uses a unique 900mHz system that can travel 1200 ft or through multiple walls.
  • Can someone help us understand the vibration data?
    Yes, American MTS has vibration specialists available to help you as needed.
  • Can I download my data?
    It belongs to you and you can download stored data at any time.
Asset condition summary screen

RAMS systems are installed in a variety of industries including food storage, lumber mills, paper mills, municipalities, brass casting plants, consumer products manufacturing, automotive and many more. Sensors currently installed include temperature, vibration, ultrasonic sound, current, fluid flow, pressure, air flow, level detection, humidity, CH4 detection, CO detection and more. There are literally thousands of sensor products available and the quantity and data quality continue to evolve. RAMS is not tied to any particular sensor brand allowing for rapid deployment of the latest state of the art sensing products.

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