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Equipment Installation & Monitoring

Equipment Installation

Precision installation requires some additional effort but the benefit to you is large. American MTS provides you with the assistance or training needed to ensure proper practices are followed. We can take full responsibility for a proper uninstall and reinstall, just the precision install or laser alignment only. We are here to work with you and assist as you need. 

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Critical factors during installation include:

Lead Testing 

The initial cause of the motor failure may have been the leads shorting to each other or to the junction box. It's also possible the leads were damaged during removal. It's critical to fully inspect the leads before reconnecting.


Another important installation consideration are the connections. Loose connections can lead to high current flow, heat and eventually failure of the lead or the complete winding.

Shaft Alignment

Improper shaft alignment can lead to accelerated wear on shafts, couplings and bearings. The misalignment also wastes energy as additional torque is required to overcome this condition.

Mounting Bolts 

The mounting torque is another very important part of a precision installation. Too loose can result in soft foot. Too tight may crack the feet. Either case will cause high vibration and premature bearing failure.


Equipment Monitoring

Your equipment will fail – do you know when?

Your plant depends on the equipment being available when needed. Unfortunately from the day first installed it is started to fail. Not knowing when can be both stressful and costly. Implementing a predictive maintenance program will give you the data needed to catch things at the early stages of failure.

Asme Study Of Maintenance Costs 

It is one of the ways American MTS is focused on increasing your plant’s reliability. We understand the impact of costly unplanned downtime. We have the products, services and training to help you avoid it.

Proactive Maintenance Solutions by American MTS

American MTS - has the tools and know-how to help you get started or improve on your proactive maintenance system. We offer periodic programs as well as continuous devices to help customize a predictive system ideally suited to your needs and budget.

Equipment Monitoring American MTS has the test equipment needed for onsite diagnostic for onsite diagnostic and periodic testing including:

  • PdMA MCEMax Static/Dynamic Fault Test System

  • Commtest Vibration Analyzer

  • Flir Infrared System

  • SDT Ultrasonic Analyzer

  • Baker Advanced Winding Analyzer

  • EZ Laser Alignment System

We also offer continuous monitoring options including:

  • i-Alert2 Vibration and Temperature Monitoring  System

  • Realtime Asset Monitoring System (RAMS®)

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